Controlled breathing exercise – the path to relaxation in 10 minutes or less.

004Controlled breathing can help reduce blood pressure, promote relaxation and calm, and help us to de-stress.

Here is an easy introductory breathing exercise to try. All you need is a chair and 10 minutes.

  • Choose a time and place where you won’t be disturbed. Remind anyone who shares your home, car, office, not to interrupt!
  • Sit in a comfortable chair. Place your arms on the chair arms or place your hands gently on your lap, palms facing up or down, whichever feels comfortable. Place both feet flat on the floor.
  • Drop your head slightly if you wish and close your eyes if you want to.
  • Start to focus on your breathing. Start to breathe in and out slowly and in a regular rhythm.
  • Breathe in through your nose and fill up the whole of your lungs with air. You can place your hand on your abdomen to feel your diaphragm inflate.
  • Breathe out slowly through your mouth letting the breath escape slowly.
  • Count up from 1 to 5 as you breathe in and from 1 to 5 as you breathe out.
  • Keep doing this and check in to your feelings – do you notice yourself feeling calmer?

Do this for 5-10 minutes every day. Keep practising – it’ll get easier each time and you’ll start to feel the benefits.

If you would like to go further and try meditation here is a great introductory guide.

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