How to stress-proof your Christmas

baby_3143423bThe run-up to Christmas can be difficult– demands on your time and money coming from left, right and centre, tricky family relationships to navigate and expectations running high.

However, it is possible to reduce the pressure on you, before it boils over, by following these simple tips:

Attend to your relationships.

How can you minimise the impact of Christmas on your key relationships? Communicate – keep talking and be honest.

  • If there are simmering disagreements bubbling away under the surface, sort these out now.
  • Talk to your partner about what’s really bothering you – there’s no point taking the huff if it isn’t clear why!
  • Arrange to meet fractious family members and work things through now before you have to face each other over the turkey.
  • If you dread having certain members of the family round, then suggest you get together at a different time. Replace what you think you should/must do with what you would like to do.

Divide up the chores

  • Don’t be a martyr, (or a control freak), and take everything on yourself. Divide up tasks and things to do between the family. It’s amazing how much children can do, despite what they may lead you to believe!

Think about what you really need to do to enjoy Christmas

  • Do you need to buy a whole new set of crockery? Yes – really? Are you sure your usual set won’t do the job? Will your Christmas dinner be ruined if you don’t hoover under the sofa?
  • Think about what you would like Christmas to be like, and it doesn’t have to be perfect – perfect is impossible!

Don’t be tempted to blow the budget

  • Christmas is a time of financial overload which is a leading cause of stress. If the spending looks set to get out of control – stop, take stock and see where you can make changes. Most adults are happy to forego a present, and it’s ok to say “no” sometimes……

Learn to say no

  • There are lots of competing demands, requests for help and invitations over Christmas. Don’t push yourself to burn-out. It’s a holiday remember.
  • If you think one more thing will push you over the limit reply ‘thank you I’d love to, but I can’t’.

Don’t drink to excess

  • Alcohol can make everything seem worse and make you feel much worse – and eventually things will be worse. So alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks.

Build in some chill time

By the time you’ve delegated, organised things you want to do and planned the day how you would really like it to be, you will have time to put your feet up, relax and enjoy your Christmas.

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