Steps to success for your New Year’s resolution.

New-Years-Resolutions-Quotes-Images-1011It’s 2015 – time to lose weight, get fit, get a new job, spend less money, master meditation and learn Russian.

Oh yes, and hold onto my current job, keep my relationship working, manage the house, raise the kids and walk the dog.

Daunting isn’t it?

It’s easy to expect that because it’s a new year, it’ll be easy to change/learn/do. But too often, resolutions are more like a wish list for a magic genie who doesn’t live the reality of your life.

So how can you increase the chances of achieving your goal for 2015? Follow these 3 simple steps…..

  • Be focused – You would like to “get fit”. What does this mean to you? How about resolving to “go to the gym once a week”? If you want to “lose weight”, what about “I’ll lose 1lb a week for 8 weeks” or “I’ll cut out the 4 Cs (cakes, chocolate, crisps & carry-outs) for January”?
  • Be realistic – Is your goal actually too big and far too ambitious? Think about making smaller, more manageable changes. And prioritise the change you really want to make.  Maybe mastering meditation is too much at the moment. Instead decide to put 10 minutes aside each day to take time out to relax and practice relaxation breathing.
  • Set a timescale – Not everything has to be done and dusted by January 31st. What about spreading your goals throughout the year. You could aim to run 3k by March,  or save £300 for your summer holiday or start a Russian evening class in September.

Remember you have all of 2015 to achieve your goals – and a year is a long time. Good luck.

For more tips on managing weight loss, see my December blog.




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