Abandoned your new year resolutions? Try choosing ONE WORD for the rest of 2018…….

One word for 2018spring tulips

Ok – we’re two months into 2018, and how long did you stick to your new year resolutions? Two days……, two weeks……., 5 weeks?

We start off each new year with the best of intentions, only to beat ourselves up when we don’t lose that weight, pay off debt, get to the gym, get a new job, learn a new language…….., and generally become the perfect version of ourselves.

Resolutions can feel like too much pressure – you’re not thin enough, you’re not fit enough, you’re not good enough. That’s because we often set ourselves targets that aren’t realistic and then we set ourselves up to fail.

So instead, why not try a new kinder approach for the remainder of 2018 which involves no target weight, fitness level, tidiness of house etc.

Instead choose ONE WORD which is going to guide and define you for the remaining 10 months of the year.

It’s isn’t about doing, it’s about BEING.

This word will guide you in your decisions and choices. It’ll inspire you for your ambition and actions. It’ll help your motivation, your thinking and how you feel.

It’ll be your compass for the year ahead.

So what could your word be?

Maybe you need to DARE yourself at work – perhaps a promotion, a pay rise, a new project, speaking out at meetings, a new direction, career, study?

Perhaps you need COURAGE to address a relationship, with family, friends or your partner?

Can this year be all about FRIENDSHIP? Your word may help you reignite neglected friendships, develop new ones.

Are you stuck in a rut and need to DISCOVER something new – whether that’s at home, at work, at play – a new sport, a new interest?

Perhaps you could choose ENERGY to give yourself the boost you need?

Are you a people pleaser and you’ve stretched yourself to breaking point? Do you need to QUESTION more and say no?

Maybe you need BALANCE this year to restore the equilibrium in your life?

Once you have your word, keep it in mind whenever you need to make a decision, choose a direction, take action. There are no deadlines, targets or goals to achieve. It’s your intention.

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